Sales coaching

Coaching is actually a fancy way of saying sparring. So consider us to be your commercial partner in crime. A fresh pair of eyes, a different perspective, creative commercial ideas, straightforward insights, a good look in the mirror, and strategic thinking?

Engaging us to get stuck in along with you, and walking the road toward success together, can be surprisingly effective. And it is also a great way of sharpening the edge of your sales force.

Sales counseling

Occasionally being stuck in your commercial process is no big deal. It affects all of us, from time to time. But you do have to keep moving, because the market will not wait for you – and it is often more difficult to catch up than to keep the lead.

The first step is in recognising that you are stuck in your process. If so, do not wait, but contact us for one-on-one sessions.


One-on-one sessions, at home, at the office, digitally, or while strolling through a forest. Whatever works for you. We start with the basics, being: your competences, your strengths and weaknesses, your assumptions and tunnel-visions. What do you want to achieve, how do you see the future for you and for your company? Each an important question, together defining the DNA of your business. Very helpful topics of discussion with a coach or counsellor. Once we have fine-tuned these issues, we can start talking about the market, and what position your business occupies. Lastly, you process the insights we obtain together in a concrete and SMART roadmap. We help you in doing so, and are available to assist throughout the process.


An investment in knowledge and new insights is an investment that will earn itself back. Our rates are simple and flexible. We offer our knowledge and experience at 120 Euros per hour, with a minimum of 4 one-hour sessions.

Prior to those, we conduct an intake interview where we determine the process together, as well as the approximate number of sessions we think will be required.