• experienced sales agent for sustainable growth in the organic market
  • interim account management in case of temporary loss of a sales professional
  • export strategist for expansion into new, international markets

Sales agency

Experienced sales managers who have a commercial drive and talented strategic insights are a precious payroll commodity. Our flexible solution lets you determine how much time, and thereby money, you wish to invest in your sales force. You also get a true professional for the Dutch and Belgian market, with an extensive network, a great deal of experience, market knowledge, and a heart of green. More info?

Sales interim

The sales process never stops. But what if your sales professional is temporarily down? You can try to fix this internally, but that only puts more pressure on yourself and others in your organization. An external solution is the obvious choice. Immediately employable and with our knowledge of, and experience in, the Dutch and Belgian organic market, the solution is quickly found. More info?

Sales international

Being successful within the walls of your internal market is great, but can also limit opportunities for further growth when the ceiling within the market is hit. Efforts to push sales outside the country’s borders will greatly increase expansion opportunities. With us as your export strategist, you invest in dedication (read focussed), but also in knowledge and access to an extensive international network. More info?

About Bio Brandcare

Feijo Blesgraaf is a passionate, Unilever trained food seller with 15 years of experience in the international market for organic foods.

“Over the past years, I have been lucky enough to work with many fine organic brands, and to witness the vast transition the organic market has undergone. I specialise in the Dutch and Belgian market, and have also gained experience in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia”. More info?

Why Bio Brandcare?


Sustainable DNA. And that is why we only work with like-minded businesses. Whether you have an established company, or are about to launch a start-up – we can help turning your sustainable ambitions into a commercial success.


Flexible expertise. Why pay and care for the full sales FTE if you can hire a sales expert parttime and flexibly? Set your own number of hours, and profit from our many years of experience and extensive network.


Personal and committed. Your success is our success. We are not satisfied until you are. We build sustainable relationships, as well as knowledge, expertise, and insight in an ambitious and committed manner. This way, we help you achieve stable, long-term growth.


With a Bio Brandcare market assessment you provide yourself with a clear, realistic and above all unbiased view on your offer in the market place. More info?