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Organic market

Call us principled, but Bio Brandcare has sustainability coursing through its veins. For 15 years, we have been waling a commercial path that contributes positively to the world. As a result, our service is only suitable for like-minded businesses, or for beginning sustainability enthusiasts who have a real use of inspiration and strategic insight in developing their young, green ambitions. In concrete terms, we draw the line at (upcoming) organically producing businesses.

Why organic

Although there is plenty of attention for the handsomely growing organic market, we have to be realistic. All of our combined efforts are reaching far too few sales outlets and, thereby, too few consumers. As far as we are concerned, the tipping point from niche to mainstream has not yet been reached by a long shot. The variety of products that organic producers have to offer is overwhelming, yet you rarely see that reflected in the sales outlets. Which is good news, because it means there is plenty of opportunity. And that is what excites us. Commercial opportunities, fair and healthy products, and an upward trend towards a sustainable society.

Market assessment

When was the last time you took a good look in the mirror? Sometimes it can be quite confronting to take a critical look at your offer. What does my distribution look like, what is my distribution level, where are there still opportunities, who exactly are my competitors, what does a retailer actually think of my offer, is my price strategy still correct? These are all important questions. An independent assessment can also be of great value if you want to enter the Dutch and Belgian markets. Success in one country does not automatically lead to success in another.


With a Bio Brandcare market assessment you provide yourself with a clear, realistic and above all unbiased view on your offer, which may lead to new opportunities. The crux of selling lies in knowing the market, but especially in knowing yourself and your own offer. Investment in knowledge is €1.995,- and FREE with a Sales solution agreement for both a sales agent assignment and an interim assignment.